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On 21 July 2009, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the High Court of Justice, British Virgin Islands (the “Supreme Court”) granted an order providing for the winding up of the Company subject to the supervision of the Supreme Court and appointed Messrs Christopher Stride and Kenneth Krys of Krys & Associates (BVI) Ltd. (now trading as KRyS Global) as Joint Liquidators. A copy of the Order by the Supreme Court can be found in the “Court Documents” section of this website.

Effective 8 September 2010, Mr. Christopher Stride resigned as Liquidator of the Company and Ms. Joanna Lau was appointed Joint Liquidator by resolution of the Company’s creditors. The appointment was made in accordance with resolutions passed by a meeting of the Company’s creditors held on 6 September 2010.

Effective 24 November 2011, a meeting of the Company’s creditors passed a resolution to accept the resignation of Ms. Joanna Lau as Joint Liquidator of the Company. Mr. Krys remains appointed as the sole Liquidator of the Company. Copies of the Notices pertaining to these events can be found in the “Investor – Creditor Correspondence” section of this website.

The purpose of this website is to provide investors and creditors of the Company and other interested parties with copies of press releases and other relevant information pertaining to the Liquidation of the Company.

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